Angry customer sues Canon for printers that stop scanning when ink runs out

A New York man has sued Canon because his Canon Pixma MG6320 all-in-one printer can neither scan nor fax documents unless it has ink in it. This is despite the fact that none of these features use ink, reports Bleeping Compter.

The problem will first be noticed in 2016 by several customers. Canon’s response at the time was that all ink cartridges must be installed to use all of the printer’s features. According to the lawsuit, the problem is to apply to over 20 different Canon printers.

The lawsuit points out that Canon in marketing describes an all-in-one printer with separate features, but does not say anything about ink being required for all.

“There is no reason or technical basis for making an all-in-one printer with an ink detection function that causes the scanner to stop working when the ink is low or low. Canon designed the all-in-one printer on this display to ensure that customers had ink in the printer even if they did not intend to print. The result is increased sales of ink cartridges where Canon gets a significant share of the profits “, states the lawsuit.

Canon has not commented on the whole thing.

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