Angry ASN Wyata for Gegara Lelet, Social Minister Risma: I’m moving to Papua


Minister of Social Affairs Tri Rismaharini suddenly gathered ASN on duty at Wyata Guna Hall, Bandung City, West Java. He then scolded the ASN for not working well.

Monitoring, Tuesday (13/7/2021), the dozens of ASN were lined up by Risma in the yard of the Wyata Guna Hall. Risma said she was disappointed, when the Tagana officers were working in the public kitchen, the ASNs actually worked in the office.

“If I make it here (public kitchen), it means the Ministry of Social Affairs,” said Risma, raising her index finger to the ASN.

“Not Social Insurance (only), so no one pop up. This is the Ministry of Social Affairs, why is it still boxed up? like that, “added Risma.

Risma asked the ASN at Wyata Hall to help Tagana’s friends in the soup kitchen so that the work was finished quickly. So, he said, services to the community can run well.

“Please, people are struggling right now. Those friends are still lucky, every month there is a salary. Try those who sell outside, how want give eat them when they cook Just like that the model. Just cook eggs like like that the model. Please study, these friends work at the Ministry of Social Affairs, understand?” said Risma.

Even Risma will not hesitate, if there are ASN who are incompetent in carrying out their work, they will be transferred to Papua.

“I can’t fire people, but I can” move to Papua,” said Risma.

Risma also emphasized that the Head of the Wyata Guna Center should supervise his subordinates to work well in order to provide services to the community.

How are you maybe I believe, sir. You just cook eggs like that, it can be 12 o’clock at night die. Plus boxed rice, get ready, ready, but the work is model like that,” he said.

“Listen, I’m not playing games, there’s nothing difficult for me to move to Papua,” he said.

Watch the video ‘Moment of Social Minister Risma Looking for Gas Stove in Bandung’:

[Gambas:Video 20detik]




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