Angoulême Comics Festival 2023: discover the complete winners

The winners of the 50th edition of the Angoulême International Comics Festival were unveiled for the most part this Saturday, January 28. The Fauve d’or for the best album of the year was won by the Swiss Martin Panchaud, for “The Color of Things”.

Here is the full list:

Grand Prize of the City of Angoulême : Riad Sattouf

Fauve d’or best album : “The Color of Things” by Martin Panchaud (Here and There)

Fauve special 50th edition : Hajime Isayama

Honor Beasts : Ryoichi Ikegami et Junji Ito

Fauve Special Jury Prize : “Animan” by Anouk Ricard (Example)

Fawn of the series : «Les Liens du sang» de Shuzo Oshimi (Ki-oon)

Fauve revelation : “A tree frog in autumn” by Linnea Sterte (The Cherry)

Fauve heritage : «Fleurs de pierre» de Hisashi Sakaguchi (Revival)

Fauve from alternative comics : Lime Kiln (Spain)

Fauve polar SNCF : “Hound Dog” by Nicolas Pégon (Denoël Graphic)

Eco-Fauve Raja : “Under the sun” by Ana Penyas (Actes Sud)

Fauve of the public France Télévisions : “Naphtaline” by Sole Otero (Here and There)

Fawn of high school students : «Khat, journal of a refugee» by Ximo Abadia (La Joie de lire)

Fawn youth : “The Long March of the Turkeys” by Léonie Bischoff and Kathleen Karr (Rue de Sèvres)

Youth Grand Jury Special Prize : “All the princesses die after midnight” by Quentin Zuttion (Le Lombard)

René-Goscinny Prize for Best Screenwriter : Thierry Smolderen for “Nightmares ex machina” (Dargaud)

René-Goscinny Prize for young screenwriter : Mieke Versyp for “Skin” (Here and There)

Philippe-Druillet Prize for young creation : “The Cliff” by Manon Debaye (Sarbacane)

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Konishi Award for Best Manga Translation : Sylvain Chollet for “Dai Dark” by Q. Hayashida (Soleil Manga)

Prices for schools in Angoulême : “The Little Escape” by Dorothée de Monfreid and Marzena Sowa (The Watermelon)

Prizes of the colleges of the Academy of Poitiers : “Simone” by David Évrard, Jean-David Morvan and Walter Pezzali (Glénat)

Poitiers Academy High School Prizes : «Nourrir l’humanité» by Miki Montlló and Sylvain Runberg (Delcourt)

Courage Award (unofficial) : Victoria Lomasco

Golden Elvis for Best Rock Comics (unofficial) : «Kiss the Sky: Jimi Hendrix 1942-1970» by Jean-Michel Dupont et Mezzo (Glénat)

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