Anglet snatches the offensive bonus against Nafarroa

Lhe rather cool and rainy autumn, present all day long on the Coast, decided to suspend its gloom during the meeting, apart from a slight drizzle at the very end of the match. This did not prevent the players on both sides from multiplying their blunders, and from taking a long time to decide to expand their game. Reduced to 14 in the third minute, the Bas-Navarrese of Nafarroa nevertheless led the score and partly the debates until the hour of play, before breaking up to a quarter of an hour from the end, and allowing Angloys rather borrowed until then to obtain an offensive bonus point.

The meeting starts in a very committed way, with a collective fight, and, after arbitration, several boxes bloom. In view of the first minutes, it is logical that Nafarroa opens the scoring (0-3; 17th). But the AORC returns to the visitors’ camp and equalizes (23rd). The visitors dominate territorially, and manage to pass a difficult penalty (3-6; 28th …

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