Anger is mounting in Nice over the lack of respect for cycle paths


Illegal and dangerous, non-respect of cycle paths by delivery men or vehicles arouses a strong disapproval of the users and the elected officials of Nice. In 2020, some 6 000 PV would have been drawn up in the capital of the Riviera.

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Cyclists are tired of seeing vehicles, delivery people or scooters park in the middle of the tracks reserved for bicycles, to buy a rib steak at the butcher’s shop or any other approval commission, reports Nice morning. Especially since this practice is completely illegal. These incivilities practiced against cyclists, even pedestrians, are also dangerous. Nearly one hundred and forty cyclists were killed in France in 2020. Some are deceased in Nice. Last July, a thirty-something is dead after a collision with a motorcycle on Boulevard Risso, in Nice, indicates Nice-Matin. Last December, a fifty-year-old cyclist also died following a collision with a car, on the road leading to Cagnes-sur-Mer.

Some 6,000 reports drawn up in 2020

The cycle facilities are intended to constitute a guarantee of safety for the bicycles. Parking on these paths dedicated to cyclists is therefore fined by a fine of 135 euros. Last year, around 6,000 minutes were reportedly drawn up by the Nice municipal police. The city would have collected 800,000 euros, according to information revealed by our colleagues from CNews. The sums collected would allow the municipality to invest more in public transport. ” In 2020, checks were stepped up and infrastructure where it is more difficult to park », Assures Gael Nofri, traffic assistant. The 2021-2025 cycling plan should be revealed by Christian Estrosi, the mayor of Nice, in the coming weeks.

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