“Angelina Vovk’s Legacy: Who Will Carry On Without Having Children as Their Key to Happiness?”

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Angelina Vovk

Such a dear and homely aunt Lina from the program “Good night, kids!” Charming host of the TV program “Song of the Year”. That’s who Angelina Vovk was remembered by most Russians. “Many at my age are already preparing for a meeting with God,” Angelina Mikhailovna does not hide. But personally, she has even bigger plans for earthly life. Angelina started winter swimming in her sixties, at the age of 70 she became a member of the TV project “Dancing with the Stars”. “I like that I do what others don’t do,” smiles Vovk in his 80s.

“I’ve always taken care of myself!”

Angelina Mikhailovna does not hide this. Having entered the elegant age, he travels to sanatoriums, experiences advanced health and rejuvenation procedures. Due to her profession, Vovk started going to cosmetologists at the most flourishing age.

She ended up on Central Television after she graduated from announcer courses at the USSR State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company. I started by reading the news on the air. But Vovk did not like this kind of work very much. She was always afraid to laugh inappropriately. But in children’s or musical programs, I really felt like a fish in water.

Angelina Vovk in the children’s program “Good night, kids!”

Today Angelina Mikhailovna is the organizer of the children’s music festival “Song of the Year” in “Eaglet”. In addition, Vovk was called to teach stage speech to students.

“A person can live up to a hundred years. We ourselves, by our intemperance, our disorderliness, our ugly treatment of our own organism, reduce this normal period to a much smaller figure! – categorically declares Angelina Mikhailovna.

Already at a mature age, she got up on skis and plunged into cold water for the first time. Vovk visited a source in the Moscow region, which is famous for its healing properties.

“I got under the jets of this waterfall. How she yelled at the whole forest! But then she wrapped herself up, went downstairs and was so happy! ”, The celebrity recalls. Gradually, it came to the hole.

“He was on duty at my bedside when I was sick”

The first husband of the beauty Angelina was a colleague – the announcer of Central Television Gennady Chertov. The couple spent eighteen years together. Vovk recalls about his ex-wife:

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Angelina Vovk with her first husband Gennady Chertov

“He was on duty at my bedside when I was sick. It seemed to me that we have a strong family that cannot be broken. When we were getting divorced, I dreamed that the domes of the church collapsed before my eyes.

Jindrich Getz, an artist from Czechoslovakia, appeared in the life of a TV star. We met in Prague during the filming of the educational film “Russian Language Lessons”. “My past life went to hell. He immediately warned: he would not live in Moscow. I was waiting for me to move in with him, to become the mistress of his luxurious house in Prague, which he built himself, ”says Vovk.

Angelina Vovk and second husband Jindrich Getz

She never left the USSR. For 13 years, the couple lived in two countries. The relationship did not stand the test of distance. Getz, for whom many women sighed, had another.

“You can say goodbye to her”

Angelina could not become a mother after the tragedy that occurred during her first marriage.

“There was an ectopic pregnancy, she underwent a very serious operation, as a result of which she miraculously remained alive. They even told their relatives: “You can say goodbye to her,” Vovk shared.

For a while she hoped for a miracle. When it didn’t happen, I didn’t lose heart. Television took a lot of time and effort. A celebrity once exclaimed:

“Sometimes I think: “My God, what a blessing that I don’t have my own children!” Experienced television men say: “You need to marry television.”

Angelina Mikhailovna has goddaughters Anna and Angelina, nephew Kirill. So the star does not feel any gaping emptiness in his life. Moreover, until now it is gushing with ideas, desires.

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Mikhail Kunitsyn and Angelina Vovk

Next to Vovk, they even began to often see the radio host Mikhail Kunitsyn, who is still only over 50. Over time, these relationships faded away, and Vovk admitted:

“He evoked emotions in me, but time has shown that it’s not just marriage with him – you can’t communicate!”

Remaining an optimist, Angelina Mikhailovna did not forget to make a will. To dispose of what she has, she tried fairly. He says: I do not want people to quarrel and share something after my departure from this mortal earth. I don’t want to single out anyone, let them calmly accept my will and say: “What a fine fellow she is!”.

It is known that Vovk has an apartment in Moscow and a good dacha in Lobnya. Designers have worked hard on the interior design of the country house.

Source: “7 days”

Photo source: frame from the program, Viktor Velikzhanin / TASS newsreel, frame from the program “The Fate of a Man”, Larisa Kudryavtseva, Boris Kudryavov

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