Angelina Jordan: – That’s why she goes without shoes

Sanger Angelina Jordan (16) charmed the whole of Norway when, as an eight-year-old, she sang to victory in «Norwegian Talents» i 2014.

At that time, she stood barefoot on stage, and she has done so during every performance since.

When Dagbladet met her during “Allsang på Grensen”, she was able to confirm that she was going on stage without shoes this time as well.

– Yes of course, I still perform barefoot, and will do it on stage soon, she says smiling and adds:

– I do it to give back to all the children who do not have shoes, who do not have parents. It’s not just about being barefoot, but about giving back.

WITHOUT SHOES: In familiar style, Angelina Jordan stood barefoot on stage in Halden.  Photo: Morten Eik / See and Hear

WITHOUT SHOES: In familiar style, Angelina Jordan stood barefoot on stage in Halden. Photo: Morten Eik / See and Hear
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According to AND! news she has previously stated that the idea of ​​acting barefoot is taken from her own life.

– When I was around six years old, I saw a little girl my age. I gave my shoes to her, because she had scars on her feet, and it was very cold, she said, according to AND! news.

FINALS READY: Norwegian Angelina Jordan impresses greatly in American «The Champions». Video: Angelina Jordan / NBC. Reporter: Madeleine Liereng / Dagbladet TV
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Here she refers to the young girl she met in the Middle East at the time many years ago.

“She gave the girl her shoes and vowed never to wear shoes on stage again until all the children in the world have shoes,” it says on Angelina Jordans official website.

– It is a big position to take, and you were only seven years old. Did you figure it out yourself?

– Yes, I figured it out myself, Jordan confirms to Dagbladet before she continues:

– The first time I was barefoot on stage was on «Norwegian Talents». Mom had bought these nice shoes for me and said: “I bought these that you can use on stage”. And then I said “No, I do not want to use them”, she says and laughs a little.

2014: Dagbladet TV met “America’s Got Talent” current Angelina Jordan in 2014. Video: Øistein Monsen
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– So I explained to my mother that I did not want everything to be about me, I did not want to send out those signals. I wanted to give a more meaningful signal, so then I decided to be barefoot. And then my mother became very stressed, the 16-year-old smiles.

It has been eight years since Jordan participated in the talent competition, and since then it has in many ways become her trademark not to have shoes on stage.

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