Angelina Jolie hired an assassin so she wouldn’t resort to suicide

Tell me – International press reports revealed shocking stages in the life of Hollywood star Angelina Jolie, during her depression and her thoughts of suicide.

A report on the “Evie” website said that Angelina Jolie hired a professional killer to kill her. Because even though she wanted to die, she didn’t want to commit suicide herself.

The reason she wanted to die was because, according to her point of view, “Suicide makes people around you think they could have done something, but with someone killed, no one feels guilty.”

Angelina Jolie believed that it would be easier for her family to have someone kill her than to commit suicide, and also arranged specific plans to withdraw money from her bank account slowly over a period of time so that it would not look suspicious. However, the killer wanted her to think twice before deciding.

“He was a decent enough person and asked if I could think about it and call him again in a couple of months. Something in my life has changed,” Angelina said in one of her interviews about the hired killer.

“It’s good that he convinced her to wait because she went on to have a very successful career and a family full of kids,” the report added.

“Angelina attempted suicide when she was only 19 years old. But over the next few years of her life, she still didn’t feel like she had the will to live.”

Jolie suffered for a long time from many psychological problems, including depression, which she needed after her separation from Brad Pitt.

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The international star had recently filed a lawsuit accusing her ex-husband, Brad Pitt, of attacking her and their children while he was drunk during a private jet trip.

Jolie accused Pitt that, throughout the long flight, he emotionally and physically abused Jolie and their children, who were between the ages of 8 and 15 at the time.

And when the children intervened and tried bravely to protect each other, and before it was over, Brad Pitt choked one of the children and hit another in the face.

And Brad Pitt continued his aggressive behavior, as he was insulting them, and he “poured beer and red wine on the children.”

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