Angela de Jong can count on criticism after Op1 performance

In ‘Op1′ a fierce discussion arose on Thursday evening between columnist Angela de Jong (44), pediatrician Károly Illy and economist Robin Fransman. Angela disagreed with what was said at the table, much to viewers’ displeasure.

“This is exactly what has annoyed me on television for ages”

During the program, not only Angela was irritated, the viewer at home also ate herself. A fierce discussion arose about the extreme corona measures for young people – and in particular young people aged eighteen or older, who are in secondary vocational education, higher vocational education or university. “Surely we cannot, assuming that the vaccine will not be available for another year and a half, to say to that group of people that the schools will be closed? While the virus is completely harmless for that group? The traffic is more dangerous,” said the experts.


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When Angela heard that, she stopped silent. “But that’s not entirely true, is it? Yes, sorry, I’m really annoyed to death. This is exactly what has made me worse on television for ages. And I really allow you speaking time, I mean: I am also one of those those seventeen million virologists that annoy me, but we now know from studies that not all young people get sick from it, but that if they do get sick, the consequences are sometimes very bad and they are even fatally tired six months later? That they have damage to their hearts and lungs? “

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Angela de Jong lashes out at VI trio and at Gordon and Wendy

Pediatrician Károly Illy then debunks the reviewer’s story. “The population group you’re talking about doesn’t apply to that. They can get sick, but they are really the exceptions when they get as sick as you describe it.” Robin Fransman also agrees. “With all due respect Angela, but you really have been misinformed. That heart damage, that lung damage in young people: it’s extremely rare. It really hasn’t been proven.”

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Farmer Tom did not know that Angela de Jong thinks he is sexy

The viewers of On 1 respond to Twitter with fierce criticism. ‘My God, can Angela de Jong just keep her mouth shut about things she has no understanding of?’, It sounds, among other things, and: ‘Angela de Jong falls through the basket. She does not base her opinion on corona and covid on facts, but reacts purely on the basis of emotions based on incorrect information. ‘ A selection of the reactions to the social medium.

It’s not the first time Angela has faced criticism. Last year she was at odds with Gordon (52) because of her criticism of the program Dance Sing. You can see everything about this in the video below.

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