Aneta Zając SHOWS HER BELOVED playing with her sons (PHOTO)

Once upon a time, Aneta and Krawczyk were a hot couple, both beautiful, both young, talented. Everyone admired them and cheered for them. After a few years, Krawczyk publicly declared that only a child was missing. It was he who was pushing for that child. It is a pity that he did not prove himself as a father, that with his own sons his fatherhood surpassed him, and a few years later he played the daddy of other children, and with his sons only nicely in the photos of the wylaf. Unfortunately, you can see that it is not honest, that they are posed, smiles like stuck, that the boys feel confused in these photos, because it is not a natural situation, and the children do not look close to their father. What else are these pics different? Well, in the photos from years ago, those from Aneta, Mikołaj, look young, but masculine. Somewhere, he lost this masculinity, later in any photos, neither astral, nor from a later period, even with his daughter he did not look so masculine, despite the rockers styling. As if he lost his balls in an astral relationship and didn’t get them back even in marriage.

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