Aneta Vignerová won the battle for Petr Koleček’s heart. Sokyn sent a message

Model Aneta Vignerová (35) has a stormy breakup with Petr Koleček (38). However, it seems that not so long ago the wild waters calmed down again, as the screenwriter left his lover Denisa Nesvačilová (31), with whom he struck a spark during the filming of the Pálava series. Vigner isn’t enjoying the turn of events enough to reach out to the actress. But he sent her a nice message.

Petr Kolechko had during the filming of the series Burn approach to Denisa Nesvačilova. In August their relationship broke down and the man she was living with Anetou Vignerovou, confirmed that he broke up with her. He should have teamed up with the red-haired actress with a clean slate, but her ex-partner saw it differently.

See how Petr Kolečko fared in the show My Man Can Do It:

Aneta Vignerová had a number of unsuccessful relationships. She dated a musician before Petr Koleček by David Kraus (42) or even with a footballer Tomas Ujfalus (44). It seemed that her last relationship would also be a failure, but the writer packed his bags and went back to her.

They are not bad, says Vignerová

Aneta Vignerová and Petr Kolečko have a two-year-old son Jiřík together, so it seemed inevitable that the model would somehow get along with Denisa Nesvačilová over time, at least as far as he was concerned. But it turns out they’ve never been in touch, and even a twist in the relationship hasn’t changed that.

“We weren’t in touch. I wish her success in what she does. I’m not a bad person,” said Aneta Vignerová website At the same time, she added that he finds it embarrassing to talk about a third person he barely knows.

Vigner was happily single, then turned around

Until recently, Aneta Vignerová enjoyed being single again. “It’s definitely a joy to be out in the world. But I have no ambition. I’m enjoying it and I’m happy to be single. I think sometimes a woman needs it – and in this crazy time she’s probably more aware of it, so thanks for this,” she told editors during the fashion show of Entertainment.

Shortly after, however, it was revealed that she spent an evening full of kisses with Petr Koleček. She admitted that she’s not that single at the moment and that she and her father are trying to start rebuilding what was destroyed.

“I think he’s on the right track. After all, he’s the father of my child, we’ve been through something together. Some things happen in life and sometimes it takes a concession and maybe even time for people to realize it. It’s quite delicate so far , so I also don’t really know what to say about it,” she confided of Entertainment.

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