Anelia made a big shoot during the semifinals of “Drops”


Folk star Anelia became a laughing stock during the semifinals of “Like Two Drops of Water”. The chalga fury has created a monstrous scandal, which has not happened on home television so far.

The singer got entangled like a “chicken in a mud”, tried to tactfully get out of the situation, but Dimitar Rachkov did not allow it and made her sink to the ground out of shame.

In the semifinals of the show for imitations Anelia entered the shoes of the great folk singer Stefka Sabotinova, and another musician came on stage with her. The presenters encouraged Anelia to introduce him, but she only said that he was her colleague and friend. Yes but no.

It turned out that Anelia didn’t even know his name. The singer had forgotten the name of Tihomir Hristov, but explained that he should have been replaced by another musician, but at the last moment it was necessary to change.

Anelia failed to qualify for the final, where Alexander Sano, Krasi Radkov, Darin Angelov and Krisia went.

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