Andy Ruiz made him retire from boxing: Evander Holyfield confessed that a few hits from the former champion motivated him to hang up his gloves

A few years ago the legendary boxer sparred with the Mexican American and at that time he was convinced of the retirement

A mythical already circulates on social networks video of Evander Holyfield sparring with Andy Ruiz, when the latter was 19 years old. Well, this Friday The legendary boxer accepted that the blows delivered by the young Mexican-American made him make the decision to retire from boxing.

“When I sparred with that guy (Andy) Ruiz, he was able to hit me. Then I knew I had to retire ”The Real Deal revealed in an interview for Pro Boxing Fans.

“I felt like I was past the age range where it no longer makes sense to get hit by someone you think you should beat because you have more experience than him. But he (Ruiz) was fast and I was losing speed“He added.

After that exchange of blows was when the boxer reflected and knew that it was time to hang up his gloves, since he discovered that he could not keep up with a young man on the rise, hungry for victory.

At the time, I was 46 and he was 19. I couldn’t believe how a 19-year-old boy could be so good and aggressive.. It followed me. I was thinking, ‘I’m the heavyweight world champion, who is he trying to chase?“It was surprising how confident he was and the persistence to cut the ring, even in sparring,” he concluded.

Eight years later, that young man with whom he trained became a heavyweight world champion, after defeating Anthony Joshua, but a few months later he would lose the title against the same fighter. Today, Andy is looking to get back on the star charts for the category.

On the other hand, Holyfield He announced his return to the ring for an exhibition fight and is looking for his rival.



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