Andy Ruiz is seen at a party, drunk and kissing another woman who is not his wife

Former world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz He attended a party, apparently in Las Vegas, where he was seen without respecting the healthy distance due to Covid-19, drunk and kissing another woman who is not his wife.

While celebrating the birthday of, apparently Michael Gardenhire, Ruiz appeared in a live recording that has already gone viral on social networks where he is drinking tequila directly from the bottle, and also mocked the tremendous knockouts Dillian Whyte suffered against Alexander Povetkin. At the same meeting there was also Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Andy Ruiz

But what caused the most controversy was the kiss he gave to a woman who was at the same party and who was not his wife Julie Ruiz who immediately reacted to the recordings.

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No poss wow, when money goes to the brain! Too bad that doesn’t last a lifetime

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