Andy Ruiz involved in another scandal, his wife accuses him of unfaithful

Andy Ruiz it is again in the eye of controversy. Julie, wife of the boxer, former heavyweight champion, brought to light, through social networks, evidence of his infidelities.

It all started a few days ago, when a video appeared where Andy Ruiz he was kissing another woman in a drunken state. In response, his wife published a video where the boxer insults her, makes an obscene sign and a photograph where he is seen in a car with another woman.

In addition, he was accused Ruiz not to be “a man of God.” “For someone who claims to be a man of God? ???? One of the commandments is not to use the name of God in vain. #PrayforAndyRuiz ”, he wrote at the bottom of the video where he insults her.

And where he appears with another woman, the message was: “Who is she? While we are in our broken home, Mr. Ruiz literally keeps his bitches fed. The family is first?”.

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Reactions on social networks have been against the wife of Andy Ruiz, who in this regard, answered: “Now it turns out that women like me, mothers who are with our children, call us ‘bitches’. “Mom will continue to raise our children with faith and love. God is always with us”.

After being crowned world champion, the race of Ruiz e fell apart because of his poor training discipline, which caused him to lose the title in addition to abandoning his coaches who led him to fame.



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