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Andy Marek: “Everything is possible at Rapid”

You described yourself as a workaholic. Have you thought about whether it had to be this way?

Often. That made my decision that I should get rid of Rapid withdraw, influenced. Yes, I am a workaholic, drove 296 kilometers every day and I am 57 years old. The body gave me a clear signal.

You were with Rapid not just the publicly known announcer, but also department heads. Will your jobs be divided between several shoulders in the future than just two?

I was allowed to with that Club service manage the largest department with great responsibility and many areas. This position becomes the association Klaus-Peter Aumayr take …

… and your son Lukas will announcer?

He was and is foolishly after Rapidbecause he was very early with me with this virus has been infected. Lukas has taken on more and more tasks and areas in the club for four years. I am happy that the decision for the announcer fell on Lukas.


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