Andy Bailey presents his book ‘Órgiva: a guide to betting on rural Spain’


Andy Bailey / Rafael Vílchez

It is a 221-page work that gathers a vision from within the rural life in the country

An Englishman living in Órgiva for two decades, Andy Bailey, has made one of his dreams come true: to write a 221-page work entitled ‘Órgiva: a guide to betting on rural Spain’. «After almost two decades observing and questioning, I have finally achieved it, a memory, a bet, two books in one. An insider’s view of rural life in Spain. Covering religion, agriculture, gambling and living with the family under the snow-capped mountains of Sierra Nevada, in southern Spain, “said the author of the work in the Cervantina Room, Agustín Martín Zaragoza, from Órgiva, together with the librarian of this municipality of La Alpujarra, Mari Carmen Martín Amat.

Andy Bailey is 62 years old and was a Cornwall manager, rugby player and cowboy with 220 head of cattle. Andy moved with his family from the county of Somerset to Spain to a place in the region of La Alpujarra. The first visit to Órgiva convinced him in just three days that his future lay in this place. He thought it would be worth living with his family with more tranquility and in the middle of nature. In Órgiva he set up a cottage rental business. He lives in the place of ‘La Estrella’ with his wife, Sarah and their daughter Alex, who is an interior designer in Granada. Andy also does repairs and sells firewood to tourists. Andy’s book has been published by Amazon, first in English and now in Spanish. Each copy costs 12 euros.

Andy Bailey plans to write two books, “one about my father’s life fighting in the Italian war against Mussoline, and another about my life, first in England as head of a cow farm and later in Spain, specifically in Órgiva, a place that suits me very well because of the weather. The hip problems that I endure here I handle better. I will also say that I am a costalero in Órgiva de la Virgen de los Dolores. Antonio, the husband of the Órgiva librarian, is my boss. I am the first guiri from Órgiva who is a costalero in this town and it fills me with pride to be one and share friendship with many orgiveños », concluded the author of ‘Órgiva: a guide to bet towards rural Spain’.



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