Android’s Volume Slider May Appear Less Comical on Larger Phones – Android Police

Android’s volume slider has been a feature that has long irked users with its goofy appearance and limited functionality. However, with the advent of bigger smartphones, the problem has only become more pronounced. In response to this, a new article from Android Police explores how the volume slider could soon get a much-needed revamp on bigger phones. Read on for more details.

1. Android Police reports that the volume slider on Android may look less odd on larger phones.
2. Computerworld shares tips on gaining access to the new notification features of Android 14.
3. RM Update News reveals that Android 14 could potentially separate ring and notification volumes.
4. SamMobile – Samsung news confirms that Google has copied a design concept from One UI for Android 14.
5. The Star Online anticipates the release of Android 14 in fall 2023.
6. View the full coverage of these stories on Google News.

In conclusion, the Android Police team has reported that the volume slider on larger Android devices could be getting a sleek new upgrade to match their impressive screen sizes. This update, which will make the volume slider less clunky and more user-friendly, is just the latest example of Android’s commitment to improving user experience with every software update. As always, stay tuned to Android Police for the latest news and updates on all things Android.

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