Android 12 causes dissatisfaction with Google!

A report revealed a state of discontent and frustration within the smartphone operating system sector, Android, in the company that owns the system, Google, due to the delay of manufacturers to send periodic updates to users and the transition to the latest version, despite the fact that the Android 12 version has made significant progress compared to previous generations.

And Google revealed a few months ago about the basic information in Android 13, but the new version is still under trial and testing before it arrives by the last quarter of this year, and despite that, version 12 of the most popular system is still a few among users.

Quoting a report published by Android Police, the release of Android 12 has made progress in the few months and achieved unprecedented spread, given the time of its release in September last year, and the companies’ work to develop their customized versions with their official interfaces for their phones at the beginning of the current year 2022.

It is indicated here that Google provides the Android operating system as an open source for smartphone manufacturers with freedom of modifications according to specific conditions, the most important of which is the basic reliance on Google applications and basic services, so the issue of sending updates relates to the manufacturers first.

The report stated that Google had emphasized the need for manufacturers to take over the task of sending periodic software updates to smartphone users because of the modern technologies that the company provides in the operating system, including security and protecting users from the risk of hacking and data leakage, as well as maintaining privacy.

Many companies have complied with Google’s advice and updates have become an important part of users before buying new phones, but the company believes that it still needs more time for the latest Android versions to reach old users and not new phones compared to Apple’s first competitor iOS.

The report stated that there is still a large percentage of users of Android versions 8 to 11 and a small percentage that depends on the latest Android 12 already.

In the Google platform for user ratios for the various Android versions that it provides to developers, Android 12 appeared among the most popular for the first time since its launch, as the percentage amounted to approximately 13.5% of the total users.

The percentage is good when comparing the time required to reach it, but it is still far from the percentage of users of Android 11, which is 27%, while 18.8% of Android phones are currently running version 11, and the version 9 of the famous Google system has 14.5%.

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