Android 11: Google puts the site online and talks about new features

Google has put online the official site of Android 11 Developer Preview, obviously by mistake since the page has been deleted since. The site evoked the innovations of the new version of Android.

With the launch of Android 10, Google had decided to stop the treats. From now on, we will no longer have to rely on the mysterious letters of the alphabet that went with it. The successor to Android Q will therefore be Android 11 directly.

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A site launched a little too early

Google put the official Android 11 Developer Preview site online Thursday through Friday, before making the page inaccessible. Too late to avoid being spotted by any specialist site in the world.

A screenshot of the official page of Android 11 Developer Preview

Spotted first by Android Police, this page briefly describes the availability of the first test version of Android 11, as well as the main points on which the Google teams focused.

Privacy and foldable smartphones

The site evoked three big chapters of innovations for Android 11.

The following points could be read.

  • Behavior change: System changes that can affect your app when it’s running on Android 11.
  • Privacy functions: new guarantees to protect the privacy of users that you will have to support in your application.
  • New functions: API for foldable, sharing, connectivity, media, NNAPI, biometric and more.

It is especially these last two points that are interesting. Firstly Android 11 should focus a little more on protecting user privacy, as we imagine a new version of application permissions may be more precise and easier to manage.

The last point evokes new features already awaited for Android 10 which had been postponed, in particular the simplified sharing system similar to Apple AirDrop. This Nearby Sharing function has recently had the right to a grip.

Difficult to know more at the moment, the links on the page led to nothing, the site having been launched obviously too early.

A month in advance?

The launch of the first Developer Preview version is generally expected for the month of March. A launch in February therefore seems premature, but the publication of this page by Google could show an advance of the firm this year on its usual agenda.

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