Andrey Urgant called the size of his pension

MOSCOW, Feb 15 – RIA News. Soviet and Russian actor Andrey Urgant He said that his pension is 17.5 thousand rubles a month.
“I don’t notice this money, because I spend that amount a day,” he quotes

Ivan Urgant’s father also said that last year he was not paid a pension for four months.

“Then, however, they apologized, they began to pay again, but it happened like that,” he said.

Earlier, some famous artists spoke about their pensions. Lev Leshchenko said that he receives about 30 thousand rubles with all the premiums, Yevgeny Petrosyan – “20 odd”, Regina Dubovitskaya – 16 thousand rubles, singer Yuri Loza – 12 thousand rubles.



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