Andrey Raichev: GERB is preparing something with a shock effect – politics

  • November 28, 2022

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  • “In the beginning there were three parties, which isolated GERB. However, Boyko Borisov managed with this story by paper vote to separate the BSP from the others. The BSP made the maneuver to break away from its allies and go over to the “coalition paper”. Sociologist Andrey Raichev stated this on BTV.

    He added that GERB split the coalition.

    Andrey Gyurov (PP): If we could manipulate machines, would we be second in the elections?

    “To get out of complete isolation, the GERB needs to separate ‘Democratic Bulgaria’ from ‘Let’s keep the change going,'” he stressed.

    “The most important thing is for GERB to prepare their own. It is not easy to maneuver backwards. Now they have to tell them that the PPs are bad and the DBs are good. The messages are for the ‘Gerbers’. They are preparing them for a tactical retreat “GERB is preparing something with a shock effect for the party itself. The question is how the “suited” will react,” explained Raychev.

    “For democratic Bulgaria, the most important thing is the judicial system. GERB will offer them this system,” he predicted.

    Maya Yordanova


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