Andrew Yang, a former US Democrat primary candidate, ran for mayor of New York

Andrew Yang, US businessman and former Democrat presidential candidate, announced his candidacy for mayor of New York, adding to another twenty or so candidates who had already registered on the lists. The elections with which it will be chosen who will replace the current mayor, Bill de Blasio, will be held in November, while in June there will be the primaries in which the party mayor candidate will be selected.

Yang stood out in the primary for his proposal to guarantee all US citizens a universal minimum income and his brilliant rhetoric. In video At the presentation of his campaign, Yang said he wanted to provide all New Yorkers with a high-speed internet connection and wanted to “reopen the city in a thoughtful way, to savor our incredible culture”. Among other things, if elected, he would like to regain control of the city subway, which is currently managed by the state authority, and introduce a universal minimum income for citizens.

Yang is expected to hold a press conference today to talk more about his program. The candidacy launch video was shot by Darren Aronofsky, who is the director of among others Requiem for a dream, The Wrestler e The black Swan, and was released on the evening of January 13, Yang’s 46th birthday.

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