Andrea Legarreta IGNITS Instagram with a shocking PHOTO in the pool

Andrea Legarreta is one of today’s most loved female drivers, but also one of the most beautiful of Mexican television, but her charisma, talent and beauty also take over the social media.

This time the driver of Today I uploaded a photo to Instagram where she is happy on the edge of the pool with a white dress that shows the color of her bikini, so in addition to being a woman very pretty, keep showing you have a body spectacular, worthy of showing off to the digital world.

With 5.1 million of followers on Instagram, Legarreta is cataloged one of the most influential celebrity personalities on social media, not only for his appearance in one of the most viewed programs on Mxicobut also because of her great heart, her beauty and her exceptional figure.

Now revolution social networks when uploading a photo in the playa, same that despite showing a beautiful view and the pool; the driver appears with open arms and a large smile; this combined with her great style of fashion, something that has always characterized her.

Her clothing is a typical beach dress, that is, something light that is easy to remove to show off the swimsuit, sunbathe or to enjoy the pool. This time it’s a White dress with colored details on the sides of the legs. The bikini is blue and you can see it thanks to the very thin fabric of the dress.

A quick reply

It only took a few minutes for Andrea’s followers to fill her with comments of love and affection; in addition to having more than 39 mil likes in less than three hours since the publication was made. But Legarreta is used to this, since whenever she uploads a photo to her networks, people react immediately.

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