Andrea Legarreta exhibits romance between celebrities in Hoy

Andrea Legarreta exhibits romance between celebrities in Hoy Special Photo.

‘Las Estrellas Bailan en Hoy’, is the dance contest belonging to the variety program ‘Hoy’, while the program has generated different controversies related to the artists who attend to show their best steps on the dance floor, this time it was not a controversy that caused a sensation.

After the presentation of Michelle Vieth and her dancer, the ex-footballer, Silverio Rocchi, the conductors and judges of the dance competition made some indiscreet comments about the great chemistry between them, being Andrea Legarreta and Galilea Montijo who were most enthusiastic about the subject.

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Although what Andrea said was denied by the participants, the driver could not stop and assured that this was not just a complicity and that she could not ignore the chemistry between them.

“You freak out, you really are … I would dare to say that the couple that has more chemistry, do you have a partner in real life? It is a true suggestion, that is, it is a suggestion from me, it is that chemistry that is seen between you is spectacular and comes out and gushes through the pores. For me they are the best there is in this competition ”.

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