Andrea Legarreta exhibits ‘reckoning’ with actress who slapped her daughter Nina tremendously | The last

Through social networks, Legarreta shared his meeting with the actress Marisol del Olmo

Nina Rubín

debuted with the right foot in the Mexican melodramas under the skin of ‘Faby González Cáceres’ in the production starring Fátima Molina and Gabriel Soto, ‘Do you remember me’, where Andrea Legarreta’s daughter starred in her first kiss -in fiction and in real life- and received her first soap opera slap.

And it is precisely this last scene that caused a tremendous stir a few days ago that aired because with the sense of humor that characterizes it, the presenter of the

Today program

He replicated the images on his social networks along with several angry emojis.

A few days after the funny reaction, Erik Rubín’s wife used her official Instagram account again to show the reunion she had with the evil ‘Ivanna Castillo de González’, played by the actress Marisol del Olmo.

Along with the clip, the actress also joked again about the slap she gave the youngest of her daughters in fiction, in addition to praising the actress Marisol del Olmo.

“Reckoning with the terrible ‘Ivanna’! Marisol del Olmo you are the best, even if Ivanna is horribly bad, “wrote the television star of 49 years about the recording.

And the thing is, Andrea Legarreta has shared countless times that he is always close to Nina during the recording calls, even a few days ago he published a series of stories in which he boasted his meeting with Natalia Téllez who also participates in the production of Carmen Armendariz.


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