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Andrea Eriksen (25) is best known to the Norwegian people as the daughter of celebrity manager David Eriksen (54). In recent years, the family has offered viewers an insight into their daily life reality series “Everybody Loves David”.

Now the stage is ready straight away for a third season of the popular show, and Andrea was therefore present during the fall launch of TV 2 in Bergen in early September.

Dagbladet, like the rest of the Norwegian celebrity, was naturally present and therefore took the opportunity to have a chat with the 25-year-old.

BREAK: “Alle elsker David” has become a popular reality series – season 3 will arrive in the fall. Video: Rød Løper / TV 2
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– Bad

Earlier this year it became known that David and his partner Hedvig Glestad had gone their separate ways. The break will therefore be an important part of the next season of “Alle elsker David”.

The 25-year-old admits to having somewhat mixed feelings about this.

– It has been the most painful season so far and everything has been really unexpected. It was weird to record and film, and we were tired. It’s been a very strange season, he tells Dagbladet.

She herself took part less in this year’s season, compared to the first two, and therefore is not sure what to expect. However, she believes some private moments between her father and Hedvig will be shown.

COMMENT ON THE INFRINGEMENT: Celebrity manager David Eriksen comments on the breakup between him and Hedvig Glestad. Video: Luna Lea. Journalist: Henriette Eilertsen.
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– I think it will be painful to see him. It’s the breakup between Hedvig and dad, and it’s incredibly difficult for all of us. It will probably be a little special to see things that hurt.

– In a way, it’s been a long time, but it’s not been too long either, he adds.

– It’s something weird

Although David and Hedvig are no longer a couple, it doesn’t seem to have affected their friendship. The former stepmother and stepdaughter also maintained their friendship.

– We agreed soon after the breakup that we would still be friends, so now we have gone from being stepmother and stepdaughter to sisters, as she defines herself so well. So now we have it.

REALITY AWARDS: David Eriksen won “Comeback of the Year” at the Reality Awards, but was left out due to a mistake by the DJ. Video: prizes for reality.
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– There’s something weird about that relationship, but the only thing I’ve learned is that we should just “go with it” and not take everything so literally, laughs the celebrity daughter.

For the 25-year-old himself, love blossoms after her this summer he could unveil a new girlfriend. However, she will not appear in the family reality series.

– I’m very happy with my privacy and so is he, so it’s very nice.

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