Andrea Delogu, gaffe at Life live Summer: “I got stuck”

Life live Summer, Andrea Delogu makes a gaffe: “I got stuck, sorry”

Italy in these days is going through the hottest period of the season. In more than one city, in fact, there are temperatures that touch, and in some cases exceed, peaks of forty degrees. The Rome studios from which it airs are no exception Life live Summer. It is therefore perfectly understandable that there are times of the day when one feels a little short of energy and lucidity. This is what happened today to Andrea Delogu in the second part of the transmission when, just before passing the line to the sent Cat’s Eyes, Deborah Ergas and Sandra Milo, the presenter had to repeat a very simple sentence several times such as: “We wanted to tell you”. Andrea Delogu, therefore, after the gaffe, turned to her colleague Marcello Masi and exclaimed:

I got stuck, sorry.

Marcello Masi apologizes Andrea Delogu for the gaffe: “It happens”

The one formed by Andrea Delogu and Marcello Masi is proving to be a truly successful couple, at least according to what we can see in Life live Summer and on social media, very popular with both. They also demonstrated this during today’s episode. When the presenter did a gaffein fact, the colleague and travel companion immediately intervened in his defense:

It happens, don’t worry.

Also thanks to this intervention, Andrea Delogu she immediately managed to find her smile and confidently take over the helm of the transmission.

Life live Summer, Sandra Milo: “Just to change, if great!”

In yesterday’s episode of Life in Live Summer, Andrea Delogu and Marcello Masi they had been forced to stop the live broadcast. In today’s episode, however, the host has committed a gaffe, but then managed to start the connection with Deborah Ergas and Sandra Milo. The latter, with the usual sympathy, from Pietramontecorvino, in the province of Foggia, raised her spirits by showing her the gastronomic specialties of the place:

For a change, if magna!

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