André Villas-Boas (OM), after the victory against Granville in the Coupe de France: “We made a decent match” – Foot – Coupe – OM

“Why did OM meet so many difficulties against Granville? It was a tough game, we missed several opportunities in the first half. In this kind of match, the first goal becomes decisive. He gave us confidence and took it away from the opponent. The expulsion was difficult for Granville to accept, but their player touched Rongier’s face. If we had scored in the first period, it would probably have taken a little nervousness. But we made a good match even if we suffered a big opportunity just after the opening of the score.

“I want to congratulate the Granville coach and the way his team has played”

Were you surprised by Granville’s game?
I want to congratulate the Granville coach and the way his team has played. Their caretaker was very good. His team showed great courage, was very ambitious in the game, with a lot of mobility. For an amateur team, doing this against a Ligue 1 team is courageous. I note that the Granville coach was already there when they lost to OM in the Coupe de France four years ago (0-1 in quarters), that means that he is doing a good job.

Do you find that your team lacks creativity in the last 30 meters?
We can not say that. We lacked a bit of quality dribbling which would have allowed us to make differences one on one. I tried to play Payet like 9 and Maxime Lopez on the sides to try to find the spaces between the lines. The problem is that we played the depth very badly behind the opponent’s back. We adjusted the shot in the second half. We were more aggressive. We managed to find better depth, even if we were a bit lucky on the first goal, on a second ball. This goal changed the match. “



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