André Ventura says that Costa is an “unpleasant type” with an “Indian Santa Claus look” – Observer

André Ventura put strain on the moment, as if preparing for a grand final. During a rally as a presidential candidate, on Saturday night in Coimbra, the leader of Chega said in the pulpit that the prime minister was “a kind of unpleasant, who thinks it’s funny“, Which“ makes everything worse ”. And he added: “Because with that air of his …”. He anticipated afterwards that he had doubts about what he was going to say next (“I don’t want to say anything that I regret tomorrow”). But after the suspense – which he often uses to capture the attention of the speech – there he ended up saying with the room in ecstasy: “With that air of Indian Santa Claus.”

André Ventura tried to soften the attack, saying that he did not say it with “bad intentions”. In addition, he immediately tried to anticipate the criticisms he already knew that what he had just said would provoke: “Tomorrow [vamos ler]: ‘Enough Racism ‘. Now we have the proof, they will say“.

António Costa has Goan ancestry. His father, the writer Orlando Costa, although he was born in Maputo (Mozambique) is the son of a Catholic Goan. The Prime Minister is, as already wrote Público, a descendant of Goan Catholic Brahmins.

At the same event, André Ventura anticipated that he will make a “new demonstration ”next Sunday, this time “against rot and pedophilia ”. The Chega leader says he will go out into the street to ask for the “chemical castration of pedophiles” and to send “pedophiles to prison”.

Ventura made several references to the Casa Pia case and said that Paulo Pedroso was “cleared by the courts as we know”. André Ventura also said that it was a “shame” that Ana Gomes announced “as her campaign coordinator, Paulo Pedroso”. The leader of Chega also said that, rather than depending on him, “the Paulos Pedrosos of this life will not pass into Portuguese political life”, accusing the former minister of representing “the worst that Portuguese politics has: the connection to socialist lobbies” and “ the influences that made the PS move in the so-called Casa Pia process. ”

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