André van Duin operated on colon cancer | NOW

André van Duin was secretly operated on for colon cancer last week in the Antoni van Leeuwenhoek in Amsterdam, reports The Telegraph Wednesday. The 73-year-old comedian is doing well and is now back home.

Van Duin says in the newspaper that he discovered at the end of the summer that something was not right. “I got up from the toilet and you sometimes look back. There I saw a plume of blood and that started an alarm bell ringing for me.”

A tumor in the colon was discovered upon further examination in the hospital. In recent months, he has already received several chemotherapy treatments for this.

The diagnosis caused flashbacks to Van Duin, who a year ago his husband Martin Elferink (55) lost from bone cancer. “Unlike with him, it looked good to me right away. The tumor appeared to be operable, but had to be smaller before they dared to remove it.”

In the meantime, Van Duin continued to work and told as few people as possible the news. He didn’t want to share his illness with the outside world just yet. “I like people to laugh at me. And not that, when they see me, they immediately think: ‘Oh goss, his husband is dead, his girlfriend Corrie van Gorp and now cancer herself too.’ A pathetic, old comedian, “said Van Duin in the newspaper.

The operation took place in the first week of January. According to Van Duin, this was all “very emotional” because of the experience he had with Elferink. “You leave your house, on your way to that hospital, and you do that in the hope that everything will turn out well and that you will see the house again. (..) He (Elferink, ed.) a bit of an eye and he did a good job. “



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