André van Duin about girlfriend Corrie van Gorp: ‘Crazy, fun and confused person’ | NOW

André van Duin calls the death of colleague and good friend Corrie van Gorp a “sad event”. According to the presenter, who along with Van Gorp was mainly known as Mr. and Mrs. De Bok, his former colleague was “a crazy, fun and confused person”.

“Last night, family called to say they had found her, she had just died an hour ago,” says Van Duin on Tuesday morning.

The two still had frequent contact, even though Van Gorp had already left the spotlight some time ago. “She often sent pictures, then she would have made an udder collar or something.”

In addition, Van Duin was regularly told what ‘Mrs de Bok’ thought of his television performances. “When I was on TV, she always let me know what she thought,” he laughs.

Corrie van Gorp and André van Duin as Mrs. and Mr. De Bok. (Photo: ANP)

‘She was a dear friend’

After her lead role in the musical A cannibal like you Van Gorp first appeared in Van Duin’s revue in 1974 by Freek de Jonge and Bram Vermeulen. Besides Frans van Dusschoten, she was a well-known face in the popular revue company for years.

She later played in Van Duin’s television and theater shows and together they played the well-known characters Mr. and Mrs. De Bok, with their typical hats.

In 2009 they made one more television comeback in the weekly Dik Voormekaar ShowVan Duin looks back. “We laughed a lot together. Every now and then we put on that hat. She was a dear friend.”



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