Andor: 10 Unanswered Questions for Season 2: Disney+ Series Must Provide Answers!


“Star Wars – Andor” has come to an impressive finale with the first season. However, as with many season finales, there are far more unanswered questions than answers. Season 2 has to answer these 10 questions!

Star Wars - Andor: Where will Cassian's journey take him now that he's committed to the Rebellion?

Star Wars – Andor: Where will Cassian’s journey take him now that he’s committed to the Rebellion? (Source: Lucasfilm/Disney+)

  • With “Andor” Disney made a “Star Wars” series that showed previously unknown sides of the galaxy, the rebellion and the empire.
  • But there are still a lot of questions and loose storylines after the finale.
  • How will the announced season 2 collect and answer these questions?

While the latest Star Wars series, Andor, sadly didn’t get much attention, it takes the Star Wars franchise in a whole new direction. Espionage, political intrigue, corruption and the slowly emerging rebellion were shown and told in a way that was previously atypical for “Star Wars”.

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However, some storylines still raise questions. What will season 2 pick up on and what paths will Mon Mothma, Cassian Andor and company take in the fight against the Empire?

Will the Empire cover up the insurrection on Ferrix?

In the last episode of “Andor” we saw a first spark of rebellion. A revolt by Ferrix’s people against the Imperial occupiers. The isolated mining settlement might challenge the Empire, but for how long?

Will the Emperor want to make an example of Ferrix, completely conquer the planet or even cause it to be devastated? It is more likely that the Empire, not wanting to show an ounce of weakness, will keep this incident a secret and cover it up. The consequences would be too dangerous for them if they learned more of this spark of rebellion and tried to emulate it.

What will become of Mon Mothma and her family?

Star Wars - Andor: Mon Mothma is a major supporter of the Rebellion.

Star Wars – Andor: Mon Mothma is a major supporter of the Rebellion. (Source: Disney/Lucasfilm)

Senator Mon Mothma will do anything to help the rebellion and will continue to fund it secretly. Even marrying his daughter for a political alliance. Her sacrifices will make her one of the rebellion’s most important and loyal leaders.

He will likely continue to support the rebellion and make other sacrifices. Whether or not her decadent husband is, will, or remains part of her plan remains to be seen.

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