“Andele Mandele KIDS” and ladies’ wardrobes will be sold out in autumn in Kipsala

Knowing that children are growing by the hour, this will be a valuable event to sell clothes and shoes that are no longer suitable for your baby. Or – to exchange, buy something new, bright and useful for your offspring at especially attractive prices.

During the event, there will be a Small Crafts Handicraft Fair, where children will have the opportunity to sell their products and take their first steps in business. Small, creative entrepreneurs can still apply for this fair by sending an application by e-mail: info@andelemandele.lv

The offer will include clothes for children from infancy to 12 years, shoes, accessories, useful toys, school bags – everything that is relevant for little ones. Pregnant women will not be forgotten either, promises Andele Mandele, the organizer.

In order for visitors to see the Pearls not only for children, but also for themselves, the “Andelemandele AUTUMN CHEAP – everything up to 20 EUR” will take place in the hall at the same time! It will be an adult autumn / winter themed outfit, where prices will not exceed 20 euros.

As in every Andele, there is a charity corner, so if you have clothes to donate to little hearts, we will be happy to accept it and deliver it to those who really need this selfless help.

Entrance to the event from 11:00 to 15:00 will be EUR 4, after 15:00 – free of charge. Admission is free for children under 12 years of age.

The organizers of the event will take care of the refreshment area, as well as attractions for children.

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