And this future Prime Minister? Inside Captain Nemo’s Head

He plays the video on a loop on Youtube, sung by Gilbert Bécaud against a background of drums: “ And now, what am I going to do… What will my life be like. And all those people who indifferent to me… A blue roof, a forest, a bench in front of a river. The Captain thinks: Mélenchon, he has a date with nature and revolution. But I ? Still no prime minister in sight. Nemo, the Presidential Labrador, sticks his head out, wagging his tail. The captain closed his eyes.

The coronation was perfect. Handel Overture. The courtiers, all dressed up: an audience of smiles. In his royal blue suit, he shook hands with those who had wanted him so badly. Looks skimmed the rows like birds: why not me? I made them think I had some secret leads. A guest, dressed in prairie, thinks of spring. By the way, where is Nemo? He doesn’t have to be there, Mr. President. Too bad, he inspired me, I would dedicate this year to animal rights.

The speech was sober, with some performative images: “ A single compass: to serve… despite the deadly ideological sirens… Bequeath a more livable planet, a livelier and stronger France. No one can reproach me for having wished for an unlivable, dead and weak France. It was after the proclamation of the Constitutional Council, the salute to the flag, with the taking up of arms, in the gardens of the Elysée, that the song returned, haunting, with the image of the solitary bench in front of a river. And now what will I do? No idea.

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Re-elected without momentum, by default, wrote the press. Without having to campaign. The president smiles. Who wrote: “To conquer without danger, one triumphs without glory? Corneille, Mr. President. The president entered his office. Let’s recap: outgoing majority: 24.5 percent. NR: 15 percent. Formula 1 of the NUPES, launched at 100 per hour, in Aubervilliers. Helmet on the ears, hood on the neck, the president took out his cards. I need a woman. In life is a dream, by Calderon, the princes read their destiny in the stars. The Muslims voted for me: I will look at the sky tonight. I’ve always had baraka. Wait and see. I have a strong desire to make them all hang around.

The world war will not take place. BHL Chrysostom said it, to BFM. Construction sites await me. Inflation? I change everything to gold. Retirees ? I draw the 49/3. The Very Greater Europe is with Ursula, always up for it. ” Move your body, move your hands, push the ivy away “: what a beautiful moment it was in Strasbourg! Melenchon? Breakage in perspective: I have to attach the Arc de Triomphe. The Pen and the Z, I neutralize them with the waves. Huge, the shovel that they will pick up, in the legislative elections, huge. The Yellow Vests, I’ll see. Here, Nemo is back!

The President rose from his bench. It’s decided: the Prime Minister, it will be…

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