And now an ad page! A moral history of French television advertising (1968-2008)

Published in 2013 by INA editions
Book by Parisie Sylvain

In 1968, advertising made its appearance on French television, in accordance with the wishes of Georges Pompidou who then affirmed the “need to firmly install the ORTF in television advertising”. Forty years later, in January 2008, President Nicolas Sarkozy considers advertising contrary to the missions of the public service and announces his suppression of France Télévisions. A central theme is often overshadowed by the debates surrounding the suppression: the intimate relationship that has developed over the past four decades between the French and the commercials. Through the study of the control of television advertisements, this survey reconstructs step by step the way in which contemporaries imposed constraints on commercials which have constantly played with the standards of a French society in full transformation. What emerges from this story is that advertising was not just a barrier between viewers and their television. An integral part of audiovisual culture, it has enabled advertisers, television professionals, but also activists and public authorities to explore the television audience.

ISBN-10: 2869381832
ISBN-13: 978-2869381834

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