and it’s already controversy (between Manuel and Morgan)

Everything is ready for the official start of X Factor 2021, which part Thursday 16 September on Sky 1 (channel 108, digital terrestrial channel 455, also available on demand, on Sky Go and streaming on NOW). A completely renewed edition, starting with the conductor, Ludovico Tersigni who takes the place of Alessandro Cattelan, continuing with the deleted categories forever, and the will to make a “rainbow X Factor” this year, because “giving labels to music no longer makes sense”, as the judges say in chorus. Only they remained unchanged, Mika, Emma, Manuel Agnelli ed Hell Raton, after last year’s successful edition, in terms of complicity and harmony between them.

The program will be divided into three classic phases: three episodes of Hearings, two evenings of Bootcamp and the last appointment with the Home Visit. The 12 finalists who pass them will go live for the episodes of Live, at the Repower Theater in Assago (Milan), starting from 28 October.

The judges are loaded to a thousand, it is clear from their social pages, theenthusiasm is skyrocketing, and like any self-respecting editions there was no lack of controversy last minute. In this case between a judge in charge (Manuel) and the usual “polemic” Morgan. Than from the pages of Rolling Stone he declared that since he is no longer in the cast the program “has imploded”, pointing the finger at the judges.

“There is no one who has had the pa ** e to take responsibility for real choices, musically speaking. Since I left, seven editions ago, the only novelty has been the Maneskin “

Agnelli’s reply was immediate and dry: “Morgan should inquire before opening his mouth. As for me, no one has ever imposed choices on me, no one has ever told me what to do or what to say, I choose the pieces and they are never choices made for television ”.

With such a crackling start, there are sure to be some good ones.



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