From 8 pm, at Dragão Arena, FC Porto and Benfica will face off for the 13th round of the national roller hockey championship and you will be able to follow here, as well as on the direct transmission of A BOLA TV, the main incidences of the classic. At this point, two points separate the two teams, an advantage for the eagles, in the lead, with 33 points.


39′: Goal to FC Porto, 3-0! Carlo Di Benedetto twice with a deflection in the area after a free-kick.

37′: In a quick transition, FC Porto ‘smells’ the 3-0, earning Benfica a great intervention by Bernardo Mendes.

33′: Time out for FC Porto. 9-7 on fouls for now.

32′: FC Porto manages the advantage with ball circulation close to Bernardo Mendes’ area. Only ‘surely’ dragons take risks.

26′: Goal to FC Porto, 2-0! What a great goal by the Frenchman Carlo Di Benedetto, in a half-round, with just one hand.

25′: Ball hits Xavi Malián’s goal post.

25′: The second half begins.

25′: Intermission at Dragão Arenaa 1-0 lead for FC Porto, Rafa’s early goal was worth it.

22′: Time off requested by FC Porto.

20′: Five minutes from the break, Benfica are now longer on the opposite half, but unable to reach a draw.

16′: Xavi Malián takes the goal away from Carlos Nicolía and, shortly afterwards, Roberto Di Benedetto.

15′: Four fouls for FC Porto, three for Benfica. The classic has been ‘lukewarm’ and without great moments of danger near the goals.

9′: Great save by Bernardo Mendes to prevent the 2-0 to Ezequiel Mena. FC Porto on top.

8′: Time-out requested by Nuno Resende, coach of Benfica.

4′: One foul for each side.

2′: Goal to FC Porto, 1-0! With ease, Rafa takes advantage of the deserted goal, with Bernardo Mendes on the ground, to open the scoring.

1′: The game begins!

5 from FC Porto: Xavi Malián, Rafa, Carlo Di Benedetto, Xavi Barroso and Gonçalo Alves

Deputies: Tiago Rodrigues, Diogo Barata, Telmo Pinto, Ezequiel Mena and Reinaldo García (C)

Benfica’s 5: Bernardo Mendes, Edu Lamas, Nil Roca, Gonçalo Pinto and Lucas Ordoñez

Deputies: João Seixas, Diogo Rafael (C), Carlos Nicolía, Daniel Oliveira and Roberto Di Benedetto

Referees: Rui Torres, Miguel Torres and Manuel Oliveira

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