And I start running, dad. I die on the spot if I measure it

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“And I start running, father. I’ll die on the spot if I measure it”. Thus, a Facebook user commented on footage that was published on the social network, she saw

They were made on the beach in a popular resort of ours – Sveti Vlas, on Saturday, August 6. The video shows a snake basking in the sun and at one point sneaking into the water.

Here are some of the people’s opinions about the animal:

– They have always been there, they did not come from nowhere.

– The snake is a gray water snake (Natrix tessellata) in its natural habitat, completely harmless.

– Well, she also needs sun and sea baths. Remember that she is at home, she is a child of Mother Nature, which includes the sea and this sand, and we are creatures of God and are temporary guests on this Earth.

– The stoner or asp is the same snake from the poisonous family. Only two specimens were found in Bulgaria – in Western Bulgaria. It has a stronger poison than that of vipers, but weaker than that of vipers. The catsnake and pit viper are from the family of symbionts and have a very weak venom that is not dangerous to humans. The most dangerous and poisonous are viper and viper. The one in the picture is gray aqua. There is also another species, the yellow-eared water snake. Completely harmless. The sand boa, which is found in Southeastern Bulgaria, is also harmless.

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