AND HERE IT IS! Meghan and Harry each follow a different path

Meghan Markel (38) draws more and more attention to her political ambitions. She wants to use her undoubted influence to make things visible. That Harry he shared her new political enthusiasm, but it cannot be said. According to the royal family expert, Harry is not a “political animal.”

The Queen Elizabeth II. and her horses. At the age of 94, he swings briskly into the saddle:

In this regard, Harry takes into account royal traditions and devotes his attention to charity or visible help to war veterans. The couple thus disagrees with relatively fundamental views and the ways in which they want to influence the world. Such a discrepancy will certainly have a negative impact on their already tried marriage. Will their love stand it ?!

Unhappy Queen: Harry, leave Meghan!

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It must be added that the royal family has something to say about this fact. As an ancient institution, it largely supports charitable activities and the improvement of living conditions for people who are not doing well. However, he does not want to be among the actors who want to change the world on a global scale. Megan has probably understood this, so she is trying to assert herself. Unless her husband is involved, the royal palace should not interfere more.


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