(And curse me, and what I like puts out my fire)

You’re now following the news of Fifi Abdo taking off her shame suit completely and talking roughly about a hot scene with Ahmed Zaki: (and for me, and I don’t want to put out my fire) and now with the details

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A piece of news had previously been published by Egyptian news sites, including the Authority’s website, which spoke of the star, Fifi Abdo, who is considered one of the most important belly dancers.

It has even been nicknamed the “Fourth Pyramid of Egypt”, as “Fifi Abdo” has received international media attention which has not been reached by any dancer in the modern era, due to its oriental dance style, which has achieved his success and his vast fame.

Fifi Abdo, born in 1953, was born into a poor family in Menoufia, and due to her father’s work as a “policeman” in the Cairo traffic department, she grew up in the Imbaba neighborhood;

Despite her father’s severity and his objection to her entry into the field of oriental dance, she achieved wide successes, becoming the first in her field for many years; She attended “Fifi Abdo”,

In many works of art, it ranged between cinematography, with nearly 40 films, dramatic with about 15 television series, and theatrical, with eight plays.

A sign of Egypt

She is considered one of the most controversial artists with her statements, especially when she confirmed that she has become a sign of Egypt

And that foreigners enjoy looking at the Pharaonic monuments, just as they enjoy watching her dance, since she has defined herself as the “rocket” that wanders the world; She admitted: “She owns two small mansions, one of which was bought by her her husband, the director Mohamed Darawi”.

The movie “Ahmed Zaki” and his story with harassment

“Fifi Abdo” began her artistic career as a dancer in the Akef Troupe, before being nominated by the director, Inas Al-Deghaidi.

Co-star in the movie “One Woman Is Not Enough”, with artist Ahmed Zaki, to prove her worth, and in shocking statements to “Fifi Abdo”, she confirmed that she was sexually harassed, while filming one of the scenes from the film.

She reported that while filming the fire scene in the house, one of the actors playing the role of a firefighter harassed her, saying, “He took me and then he felt my body,” continuing: “He i gave a pen to think i was fifi abdo.

In the film, “Fifi Abdo” embodied the character of “Hanadi”, one of the victims of the demolished buildings in a council house, with whom the journalist Hossam “Ahmed Zaki” exchanged feelings along with two other girls, including “Amira” .

A wealthy journalist, Reem, a rebellious university student, leaves a message to the three girls at the end of the film expressing his love for them and the difficulty of choosing between them, after the many struggles he faces.

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