Ancora Health and Ekomenu offer personalized nutritional advice

The Dutch start-up in preventive health Ancora Health and the platform for personalized nutrition Ekomenu will collaborate. With the collaboration, both companies want to make the path to a healthy lifestyle low-threshold and accessible. Ancora Health supplies the most important health parameters on the basis of which Ekomenu provides personalized nutritious recipes. The link between Ancora Health and Ekomenu brings a healthier lifestyle within reach for consumers. This will be available through the Ancora Health programs from early 2022.

Nutrition and health are inextricably linked. For example, healthy eating can make a major contribution to the prevention and cure of diseases and (chronic) disorders, such as cardiovascular and heart health, and helps prevent type 2 diabetes. A personal approach to nutrition and lifestyle is therefore important. Especially if the consumer has or can take control himself. The personalized food industry is growing rapidly and more and more consumers are having groceries and meals delivered. Ancora Health and Ekomenu respond to this by connecting all elements. From nutritional advice to recipes and from ingredient selection to delivery of personal meal boxes.

How does it work?
The collaboration brings together the power of nutrition, personalization and wellness to promote a healthy lifestyle. To create a personal health plan, which includes personalized nutritious food, personal data and insight are needed. That’s where Ancora Health and Ekomenu complement each other. Ancora supplies the most important health parameters on the basis of a personal diagnosis and check-up. Based on this, Ekomenu can offer personalized recipes and ingredient information through its ETNA platform, a database of more than 3,000 recipes. This makes it possible to provide suitable recipes throughout the year, seven days a week and for three meals a day. On the basis of algorithms and the measured impact on health, ingredients and recipes are increasingly personalized.

Ancora Health will integrate Ekomenu’s services into its preventive health services at the beginning of 2022. The delivery of personalized meal boxes with organic ingredients can then be added by consumers as an add-on and can be canceled at any time. The data exchange between Ancora Health and Ekomenu is simple and secure via API (digital connection), guaranteeing privacy.

A healthy eating routine without thinking
Good sleep, exercise, meditation and nutrition are important elements of a healthy lifestyle and have an impact on the quality of life. The collaboration between Ancora Health and Ekomenu makes it easy for consumers by bundling the necessary information, products and recipes in one place. After a choice has been made for the menu, the ingredients for the whole week can also be delivered to your home. This makes it easy to adjust eating habits based on personal, specific needs. In addition, people are less exposed to temptations in the supermarket, where 80 percent of the supply consists of unhealthy products.

Proven success
Research among the customers of both Ancora Health and Ekomenu has shown that the services and products of both parties have a positive influence on health. For example, Ekomenu’s personalized menus contribute positively to achieving their health goals for 70 percent of people, such as lowering blood pressure, achieving a healthy weight or even reversing type 2 diabetes. Ancora’s first results show We saw that customers started eating healthy from four to six days a week on average. In addition, 66 percent of the intake of essential vitamins and minerals adjusted, 87 percent of customers with a vitamin D deficiency corrected and 53 percent of customers with low vitamin B12 improved their status.

“We are proud of the new partnership with Ekomenu, essentially creating a one-stop shop for a healthier life,” said Sridhar Kumaraswamy, founder and CEO of Ancora Health. “By linking our services and guidance from nutritionists, customers can be sure that what they do and eat is really the right thing for them. We hope to inspire people with this and show them that making healthy eating choices doesn’t have to be difficult.” to be.”

Jack Stroeken, founder and CEO of Ekomenu, adds: “The collaboration with Ancora fits in with our strategy of making our expertise and recipes available digitally and making them widely available for health care. In this way we increase the impact and realize a connection between the food and health care sector.”

Click here for more information about Ancora Health on here to go to Ekomenu’s website.


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