“Anchili” almost shed tears backstage because of this? Both spitting centipedes at “Anna Suea”

Farewell to the position beautifully for “Anchili Scott-Kemis” Miss Universe Thailand 2021, the latest Real Size Beauty legend, the official event The 67th Gem and Jewelry Fair is held, so don’t miss out on asking about the feeling of farewell.

Which the owner opened his mind that “1 year ago, performed the duties of Miss Universe Thailand 2021 to the fullest, fought and went through it. I believe myself to be much stronger. at the time of farewell I have a lot of feelings Backstage, I almost cried. When walking out after going up the speedway I feel proud. What impresses the most is to have an opportunity Open your mind to listen to Real Size Beauty because it’s very new in Thailand. having people listen come to understand us Ann thinks it’s great. There is a regret being shared a lot that did not qualify It was something that Ann had to fight with herself. Then the society came to attack us. It was a very difficult thing. than to step through But Ann walked past it and looking back, it felt like it made Ann really strong.”

“Find an opportunity to talk to Anna Stay and then spit the centipede. and share experiences from Miss Universe the most important thing is not to open social media We have the right to have different opinions. This is our right But in situations where we have a lot of pressure I think we should focus on what we’re going to do. Turning off social media thinks it will help us focus more. I would like to leave this first. Being a beauty queen has changed. it’s more than beauty If there is something you want to do with your heart, do it with all your heart and you will succeed. I’m giving No matter how different we are But the world has changed.”

"Ann Chile" Almost shed tears backstage because of this reason?  both spitting centipedes "Anna Tiger"

"Ann Chile" Almost shed tears backstage because of this reason?  both spitting centipedes "Anna Tiger"

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