Ancelotti to Tiki Taka: “Pirlo? Better to sink with your own ideas, not those of others” | News

It has something for everyone Carlo Ancelotti who last night was a guest on “Tiki Taka – La Repubblica del Ballo”, the sports talk show hosted by Piero Chiambretti iaired in the late evening on Italia 1. From Juventus to Milan, passing through Totti and Naples. The Everton coach does not deny himself and has his say, responding with the usual witty irony.

Topic Juventus and theme Pirlo to begin with: “He does not need advice – explains Ancelotti – but I want to give him one: if he has to sink, let him sink with his own ideas and not with those of others”. Then, of course, there is always Cristiano Ronaldo: “It never happened that I told him not to play because he is a player who is better than the others. You don’t have to be a scientist to understand that.”
Its recent past is called Naples: “Gattuso he has character, he has had his experiences and I expected he could do a great job. Rino has the skills to do it ”. Then on his return to Italy, he confesses: “I’m starting to get old …”.

Juventus and Napoli were both complex experiences for Carletto to tell: “They are all painful experiences that pass in a moment. We must look ahead. In the end, the good memories will surely be more than the bad ones. Football is a great passion of mine but it remains so. There are more important things in life, especially in this period ”.

Totti?: “Yes, I would have liked it very much but maybe I was asking too much”. And speaking of champions and goals he explains: “Ibra and Ronaldo they are immortal: always scoring is not a simple thing “.

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On his way of training that does not include the whip, he concludes: “It’s a complicated speech. Fortunately, no one in my life has ever used the whip against me, neither my father nor my coaches. If a company chooses me to whip it, it is wrong

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