Ancelotti jokes when asked about the line up


Final Liga Champions bring together Liverpool vs Real Madrid. Los Blancos coach, Carlo Ancelottimake jokes when asked about the prediction of the line-up.

Liverpool vs Real Madrid will be the ultimate match Liga Champions 2021/2022. The two will clash in the final, which will be held at the Stade de France, Paris, Sunday (29/5/2022) early morning WIB.

The 2017/2018 Champions League final replay will attract the attention of many football lovers. Therefore, the small details of the preparation of the two teams will be very decisive.

Including the line-up or line-up, which was clearly a mystery to the two coaches until an hour before the match, which was usually only released at that time. The choice of players who are revealed from the start can usually be used as a match prediction material.

It was then also questioned by reporters to Ancelotti, when holding a pre-match press conference. In front of reporters, he was asked about the line-up.

The man who had coached many of Europe’s top clubs then turned to ask his players. Marcelo, left back Real Madridasked Carlo Ancelotti do you know the line-up for the final Liga Champions later.

“Yes,” replied Marcelo, as reported by Marca.

“All of it?” asked Ancelotti again.

“No, but I think so,” said Marcelo again.

Ancelotti then made Marcelo’s answer as an answer to reporters. Laughing, he said the line up would remain a secret until the match.

“Look, I just didn’t tell them. So I can’t tell you either,” said Ancelotti.

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Carlo Ancelotti myself have brought Real Madrid Champions League champion, namely in the 2013/2014 season. At that time, he presented the La Decima title or the 10th Champions League trophy.

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