Anastasia Stetsevyat was denied entry to House 2 in place of Max Kolesnikov, even in the company of Sakhnov

The broadcast of the broadcasts of House 2 began, in which Maxim Kolesnikov was forced to leave the hospitable project, as his girlfriend Oksana has too high demands and the management does not care about the financial difficulties of the participant behind the fence.

Olga Orlova said it openly in the evening broadcast of 09/25/2022. In addition, Anastasia Stetsevyat did not hide the fact that her husband owed her a large sum of money.

I haven’t made it yet evaporate traces of Kolesnikov from the clearing of House 2, since Nastya Stetsevyat admitted that she herself was refused a return to the project. Her friendship with Daniil Sakhnov, with whom she played kisses on social networks, also did not help and life together with Alena Gorokhova, former participant in the show “Boys”.

For some reason, they refused to let Anastasia into House 2 Stetsevyat, also in the company of Sakhnoveven though she tried so hard to look glamorous. And he was hoping to replace Maxim Kolesnikov on the air, which he talked about in his “live broadcast”.
Does Nastya Stetsevyat not fit into the new project format?

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