Analysts have given a terrible prognosis for the development of the coronavirus pandemic

Experts analyzed exactly how the coronavirus pandemic could develop over the next six months. The result of the study is not happy at all, reports Bloomberg.

The competition between viral mutations and vaccine types will continue until the disease affects almost everyone on our planet. Therefore, we should not even hope for an imminent end to the pandemic. Analysts warn that it is worth preparing for many new challenges. Experts say everyone will be either infected or vaccinated. It is also possible to get an infection after vaccination. Some people will get the coronavirus more than once.

Due to the fact that so many people on the planet have not received the vaccine, the chances of stopping the pandemic are too small. In this regard, new outbreaks may begin to appear in the near future. Despite the fact that the level of immunization will gradually increase, there are people who are still at risk. These are newborns, those who have contraindications for vaccination. Sometimes the infection can occur as soon as a person has received the vaccine.

The scientists added that the coming months will be very difficult. At the same time, the main danger is that a new variant of the coronavirus may appear that will not be afraid of the vaccine. Michael Osterhold emphasizes that once the incidence of the disease decreases and people relax, there will be a new jump in the fall and winter. The new outbreaks will become regular in the next few years.

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