Analysts’ concerns about iPhone 12 5G coverage | NOW

Telecom analysts in the United Kingdom have expressed concerns about 5G support for the iPhone 12. Apple’s new smartphone would not support the 700 MHz band, insiders report. The Telegraph. As a result, the iPhone 12 may not be able to properly connect to the 5G network everywhere.

In the United Kingdom, there are fears that the iPhone 12 will not be able to use national coverage if rumors are true that the smartphone does not support the 700 MHz frequency. The other bandwidths used in the country will not be sufficient for good coverage.

The 700 MHz band is also used in the Netherlands for a nationwide 5G network. The iPhone 12 may therefore not have good coverage here if Apple does not support the 700 MHz band.

An Apple Event is planned for next Tuesday. Here the manufacturer will unveil the new iPhone 12, among other things. There it will also become really clear what the specifications of Apple’s new flagship are.


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