[Analyse tactique] Raymond Domenech in Nantes, Season 1 Episode 2

For his second match at the head of FC Nantes, Raymond Domenech faced Montpellier. But as often with the former coach of the Blues, it was his escapades off the field that made the talk …

« I would have liked to take Maradona, but he’s dead, that’s how it is. “
Here is the statement that surprised many football fans.
But one can wonder if Maradona would have been useful in the diagram of Domenech? Would it have been highlighted? Would he have been placed in the best conditions to receive the ball between the lines and make the difference? Let’s analyze this.

Maradona was a wild player, a player who liked to wander between the lines, receiving and attacking the last line of defense to define individually or collectively. But these players have to be put under certain conditions to make a difference.

And there are many times when, in this so important space, behind the opposing midfield and in front of this last line of defense, where everything becomes possible, we couldn’t find anyone.

Maradona would surely have loved to walk in these areas, would Domenech have given him the opportunity? Would he have received the ball? Not sure.

Photo credit: Icon Sport

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