Anahí shares more photos of her baby and remembers her baby shower

Anahí Share more photos of your baby and remember your baby shower. Apparently, this new stage of her motherhood has made her enjoy more every moment in the company of her husband Manuel Velasco, and his children, Manuel and Emiliano.

It’s been just a couple of days since Anahí announced through Instagram the birth of his second son, Emiliano, who came to the world through natural birth at 37 weeks gestation, in a somewhat unexpected way, because the same actress and singer points out that he moved forward a little, but that everything was beautiful .

Anahí he married the politician Manuel Velasco in 2015 and a year later his first was born sonManuel, who Manu is affectionately told and that judging by what he has shared on social networks, he was the most excited to become an older brother.

Anahí shares the magical moment in which her children know each other on social networks

Without a doubt, the arrival of a baby in the world is a blessing and in the case of Emiliano, it shows that it was a very desired and expected baby by his mother Anahí and his father, Manuel Velasco.

The present day, Anahí He shared a tender image of the moment when his eldest son Manu finally met Emiliano, whom he only knew through Mom’s belly. Also, through their stories of Instagram, revealed details of the Baby Shower that was recently organized to celebrate the arrival of the baby.

Anahí shares more photos of her baby and remembers her baby shower. Instagram Special

With classic details, blue, gold, white and green colors in addition to some cute stuffed elephants, the delicious dessert table of the event that celebrated its second step through motherhood was accompanied.

Anahí also revealed part of the final stretch of his pregnancy, An image of a day before Emiliano was born, a tender moment where Manu caressed his belly without knowing that his brother would arrive only a few hours later.

Anahí shares more photos of her baby and remembers her baby shower. Instagram Special

As she pointed out, mom and baby are in perfect health and will soon be back at home, so we would not be surprised that Anahí A short break from social networks will be taken to adapt to this new family dynamic.


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